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Original 1944 Shepherd's Rod Charts Restored

To All Brethren in Davidia:

Greetings in Christian Love!

Once again praises and glory be unto our Lord and Savior Christ Jesus! We from upa7.org are pleased to announce photograph images for a 1944 original set of 18 Rod study charts for review by interested researchers and sincere students of Present Truth. This particular set of charts belonged to Bro. Sidney Smith, a Hunter under Bro. Houteff's campaign, and were originally published in 1944. According to his wife, Sis. Bonnie, these charts were painted by one of the young ladies under the supervision of Bro. Houteff. In order to preserve the original color scheme as much as possible, these images have not been altered by any photo editing software, except to adjust the levels slightly to lighten the original image for better viewing purposes. Therefore, you can compare in the two lightboxes below the used set of original charts which saw much use in their day having all stains and other markings plainly noticeable, with a set of the same charts after they were digitally restored.

(Update: January, 2011). Please download our latest newsletter announcing the availability of the full-size Shepherd's Rod study charts printed on a high quality Tyvek media ideal for making your own flip charts. Complete details for placing an order are included.

December 31, 2010 Newsletter No. 12

(Update: May, 2010) We at upa7.org are grateful to God for opening the doors so that the original 1944 Shepherd's Rod charts could be digitally restored using modern technololy and are now available for preview, please see the photo gallery presentations below. In addition, high quality digital prints of these charts from letter size (8.5” x 11”) on up to full size (24” x 30”) on a variety of media are available, including a highly durable and water resistant synthetic paper which is ideal for putting together a set of charts for teaching purposes. An Epson Stylus Pro 7900 printer has been acquired by sacrificial offerings to make the finest quality charts available. Once again, praises be to the Lord. Please contact us directly for more information.

As we know the enemy will not stand calmly by, but has sought to trample underfoot these very important pieces of prophetic art that it reached to the point where they were almost extinct. However, with God's infinite wisdom in His unconditional love for us, He has providentially preserved them. According to Sis. Bonnie Smith who also painted charts under Bro. Houteff's close supervision, he was very particular about the choice of colors to be used in painting them. If God is very particular about keeping His Word and preserving it today in the KJV of the Holy Bible, should not one wonder why so many altered versions of the Rod charts have appeared over the years since the prophet's death?—the Publishers

Please click on the thumbnail image below for an enlarged view and to scroll through the entire collection.

Before: Photographic Images of Original 1944 Charts

After: Digitally Restored 1944 Shepherd's Rod Charts

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