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The Shepherd's Rod Tract Series
"that you can make, even in your own home!"

Note: Please click instructions on how to make a Rod Tract
from a downloaded PDF, and if you wish, print a copy for your future use.

The list or images below are links to printable document files (PDF) for each individual issue of the Rod tract series. Please click the desired link, one box at a time, to download or copy the file to your computer to make your own tracts.

Tract No. 1--Pre- "Eleventh Hour" Extra
Tract No. 2--The Great Paradox of the Ages
Tract No. 3--The Judgment and the Harvest (3rd Edition)
Tract No. 4--The Latest News for Mother
Tract No. 5--The Seven Trumpets
Tract No. 6--Why Perish?
Tract No. 7--The Great Controversy over the Shepherd's Rod
Tract No. 8--Mount Sion at the Eleventh Hour
Tract No. 9--Behold I Make all Things New
Tract No. 10--The Sign of Jonah
Tract No. 11--Titles Not Restricted to One Language
Tract No. 12--The World Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow       
Tract No. 13--Christ's Greetings
Tract No. 14--War News Forecast
Tract No. 15--To the Seven Churches

Tract No. 1 Tract No. 2 Tract No. 3 Tract No. 4 Tract No. 5
Tract No. 6 Tract No. 7 Tract No. 8 Tract No. 9 Tract No. 10
Tract No. 11 Tract No. 12 Tract No. 13 Tract No. 14 Tract No. 15

"In a large degree through our publishing houses is to be accomplished the work of that other angel who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens the earth with his glory."—Testimonies for the Church, Vol. 7, p. 140.

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